We all are living in more modern age as our forefathers used to live in.The modernism and today's fast forward life has given common masses those  facilities and comfort which were just dreams for the Kings of past.

Today we have more opportunities- more opportunities to grow, more opportunities to progress, more opportunities for almost everything. But do you ever notice the fact that with such more extensive choices in every field we too often get confused with lot of things. We always are in dilemma!!

Students are confused with 'what to do after their 12th'. 'What to do after Graduation'. Which one is better 'M.Tech or MBA’? Which college is better? Professionals are confused with where to lead their life. Common men like me are always confused whether to be a good person or a good professional.

I observed (it’s not a big deal actually) that one's extent of confusion is directly proportional to the number of options one have. So being a science student I can write it as follows:
                                  Extent of Confusion α Number of options
Or we can rewrite it as
                                  Extent of Confusion = some constant * Number of options
This constant depends upon the person nature and use to be constant for that person most of the times generally. So one of the good approach to reduce confusion is to eliminate options depending on your preferences. ( Don't you think so).

So from now onwards I would like to write here for some of the dilemma states. Most of them would be the same faced by me as I think that those situations may confuse others as well.

I may be right ,and  I may be wrong at the same as well.
I would like to hear from you via your comments or directly on my contact options. (Facebook, LinkedIn, Emails).
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  1. Your formula seems to be correct.... :)

  2. Nice post... seems like written by a common man with scientific notions. :)

    come with more...I am waiting.