Whenever you find yourself  in any dilemma, what you do?

If this ‘you’ is me, I use to do goggle for the same.
I use to discuss it with my friends.
I use to ask the subject matter experts of the things which are the source of all these exercises i.e. Confusion.

Every one deals confusion with his/her style and then choose a choice / option. Let me tell you one serious thing that GOD has bestowed us with one of the greatest tool to resolve this state.

Though before selecting the choices we should give chance of discussion,advises of concerned persons but the point is that while selecting the final choice the strongest impetus should be given by one's heart.

What happens that most of the times we select one of the option and discuss all the options just to strengthen our choice , just to have support for our choice , just to avoid criticism if the selected choice is not good enough.

The selected choice may be good enough or it may not be but ultimately it should be your choice.
If the choice of your heart proves not to be good enough you will have satisfaction that you did of your heart.
But If its not good enough and selected by you by avoiding your internal call, you will always have the regret that had I heard of my heart , The things could be something else.

Be safe, Avoid regrets, Have satisfactions, listen for your heart. Have a happy clear and confusion free life.


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