Time is a free force. Free from any boundary , any limit.It does not wait for any one. Everyone knows  that time and tide waits for none. The time flies and never returns. If you waste time it wastes you.
Well, we are not here to write an essay on time but the above lines are really very true.

So back with our discussion  here my point is over the timely resolution of the confusion state. The process of  resolving confusion is like hard real time system. If it is not on time, it has no sense.

I know a student who spent two precious years just to decide whether to do M Tech or MBA. For those two years he didn't prepare even for none just because of this confusion and just was continuing with regular job in IT. Its better to be on any side rather than waiting for right choice selection.

You can mould iron if you hit on time when it is red hot else it would just result in nothing.


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