Sonar is an open source software quality platform. Sonar uses various static code analysis tools such as CheckstylePMDFindBugs , FxCop , Gendarme and many more to extract software metrics, which then can be used to improve software quality.
Sonar provides some useful metrics for pointing out hotspots in your code that may be making it more difficult to maintain and extend your functionality. SONAR provides a web interface using which we can drill-down on any of the metrics to the module, class, and method level, including full source code.

SONAR is free to use open source under LGPL nad was mainly intended for JAVA projects initially and draw C# support later. SONAR serves as the platform or we can say environment where we can run various other tools (provided as plugin , In case of C# these are FxCop, Gendarme, Ndeps,OpenCover etc) and find out or studty the metrices details on the web interface.
This is the demo site demonstrating the use of sonar analysis for your projects.

Click here to know the procedure to setup the sonar server and sonar client on your machine.

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