Before some time, one of my friend discuss a real time scenario with me that
he wished to visit various tourist places in Delhi by his own vehicle starting from Noida for a day outing with his family. He was knowing the places to visit but was not sure about the path he should follow in order to travel least distance while covering all the places. He wished to come back to Noida in the end after enjoying all those places. We discussed to develop some kind of utility for this and now we came up with this utility.

Click here to launch the utility. (Outside this blog)
Click here to launch the utility. (Within this blog)

This is the very normal situation any one can be fallen in , where any person wishes to visit some places starting from some particular place and after visiting those places again he/she need to come to some particular place or you are a marketing guy/delivery guy who use to visit some predefined places everyday starting from their office and in the end of day, you need to go to your home. This utility will tell you the path , which requires minimum of distance to travel.

Though Google Maps is the best and most robust tool to plan you travel but
as far as I explored Google map user interface,
It gives you the path in the same order, you add in the destination list. it doesn't give you the optimal path though their own Google maps API provide the solution. 

The utility is developed using Google maps API v3.0 and simple HTML and java script only. 

This utility , though small but is smart enough to tell you the optimal path if your planning to travel multiple places , starting from a particular point and ending to some other point.

I hope you will like this. :) :)

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