Nokia is expected to launch a low cost smartphone in the end of this month.Earlier there were rumors about the Nokia's android phone project with code name 'NORMANDY' , the rumors took a sudden break with the deal of Nokia with Microsoft.

Nokia was expected to drop the project on Android phone as Microsoft is a Windows OS company. The deal happened for a $7.4 billion which Microsoft paid to Nokia to buy its mobile handset business on Microsoft’s Windows OS based Lumia platform and it’s own Asha OS platform based Asha phone. But it seems Nokia is going ahead with the Android project just in time before the deal meets the final closing date.

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Though the Nokia is making good sales with its ASHA and Lumia  series handset , but the overall market share of Nokia is reduced in last some year because of the greater popularity of the android operating system. Market trends for the year 2014 are also going in favor of Google’s baby and it will be a strategic decision for Nokia to launch an Android phone and test its success in the market.

Nokia once the king and top leader in mobile handsets throughout the world , got delayed in launching a smart touch screen mobile phones that proved to be a fatal mistake. Within last some year (3-4) the market flowed down towards the the cheaper android phones which went more cheaper by every year. Nokia though took stage with its LUMIA series mobile but still it is far away from gaining its lost position.

Opting to launch its android smartphone may be a good step as many people who like NOKIA will be willing to opt for this smartphone who went to other brands as Android was not an option in Nokia. IF those customers are back for Nokia it will be a big win for Nokia and it may give Nokia a new direction.

Though it is still unclear if Microsoft will continue this effort. “It isn't clear whether the Android phone strategy is a stopgap measure while Microsoft refashions its Windows Phone operating software to work on lower-priced smartphones” says Wall Street Journal report.

It's not yet clear which countries Nokia plans to target with its Android device, but earlier reports have suggested that it wants to sell them in emerging markets such as India and China, while sticking to its Windows Phone–powered Lumia handsets in more affluent markets.

The Nokia Normandy is expected to be launched  at the Mobile World Congress on the February 24th. It is expected to sport WVGA display screen of 4-inches diagonally with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, 1.2 Ghz dual-core processor, 512 MB RAM, 5 megapixel primary camera, 1500 mAh battery, 4 GB internal storage and expandable memory.


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