Samsung has announced to launch its own new operating system for mobiles. The Korean company has confirmed the news and will use its own operating system in its new smartphone Samsung Z that will launch in the third quarter of this year.

The new smartphone , SAMSUNG Z, using new operating system will be unveiled on 3rd June this year at the Tizen Developer Conference in San Francisco.Its first homegrown operating system — named Bada and launched in 2009 — largely flopped on a lukewarm response from app developers.

The new operating system will be based on the TIZEN platform and and will be launched in Russia first. After that only the operating system will be launched in other countries. Till now , Samsung uses Google's Android operating system for all its mobiles including its flagship mobile S5.

Tizen is the platform for Samsung’s Gear 2 smartwatch launched in February, but the Samsung Z will be the first phone to use the operating system.
Samsung claims that end user will feel considerable faster web experience and mobile applications will be more efficient and faster after using its new operating system in the smartphones.