If you had to choose between a job that made you happy doing what you loved or a job that paid more but made you unhappy which would you like to opt?

The answer would be different for different persons.Most of us will choose the first option and most of rest will choose the later one. But my take is that before going for any final decision we should think that why we need money?  Everyone wants to be happy in his/her life and that the reason one works so hard in life to get more and more money because it is the conception set in our mind that more money means more happiness.
Its true up to some extent also. Without money how would you be able to fulfill you basic needs , how would you ensure your children's future and there are many more basic things which requires money. Money and happiness have relationship of direct proportionality till all your basic needs gets fulfilled. One should work hard enough also to achieve all this also.

But once all these needs are fulfilled then happiness does not remain dependent on the money any longer.
After that there are other things also, which will make you happy not just money. So my take is to lead a life having enough money ( not a lot of money) with comfort , entertainment and time for loved ones. I have been  in IT services for almost 2.5 years now and in IT your working hours are not constrained by the company's policies. You must be ready to work in the stretched hours as well. I have seen many colleagues of mine drawing very handsome salary but always keep on complaining about the work , about long hours office stay. They are really not 'happy'.

Actually the thing is they will continue their same job because they know that their job is paying well to them. Generally we only see that how much money we are getting by this job. We seldom think how much comfort we will get by this job. One of the reason for continuing this practice is that we all are involved in an unseen hidden race. We always are in the race to show our self  in the front row in terms of  prosperity , social and economic status before the society. We always think my neighbor has purchased a BMW 7 Series Car, How can I survive now with Honda City. We should avoid that. These things never bring happiness, they can only make you to feel proud if you manage to be ahead in the race but never can give you the real happiness.

Its not that only I am saying this, this is the fact. Recently, In a survey done in Cornell University, most of the students chose the job with higher salary with stretched working hours and high job pressure in comparison to a cool job but with lower compensation. 
What would be your choice in this scenario? 
My choice would be the second one. As I said earlier that once all the basic things are not an issue then we should move towards other things which really makes you happy. What's the meaning of having money if we have not time to spend it.
Somewhere I read very beautiful lines,"Don't be the slave of money, make money your slave"

Spend time with your friends, spend time with your parents, have time for your health, give time to your hobbies and do the stuffs which makes you happy. If you lead this kind of life , you will never be the victim of mental stress , a high proportion of the population  is affected with. After all, we are not money making machines,we are humans ,bestowed by God, with the ability to enjoy , to be happy and to make others happy.


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