India got independence in 1947 and since then we have made progress in almost every field. We are among one of the fastest growing economy, We are the world leaders in IT , we have good name in space exploration , we are nuclear power enabled and have set our own place and status before the World Fraternity . Anyone can see the world class infrastructure in our metro cities which left an impression of that place being highly developed in one's mind. 

But do we ever think that how many places or area in our country can left such impression.? 

Very few , can be counted on fingers. Actually we are moving towards the heterogeneous development which is a very serious problem ignored by our Government and even by us. 

We have world class infrastructure in our Metro cities , on the other hand we don't have even roads in the rural areas. This is just one of the many evidence supporting the title of this post. So , here my concern is to count for the impacts , heterogeneous development is causing in our country. 

There are huge job and livelihood opportunities in metro cities while rest of the  areas lack them badly. Not even rural areas ,most of the big non metro cities are not able to provide the people of its place , a good job opportunity.  Now lets analyse the effects of this.

This leads to the migration of bulk of mass into the metro cities which have its own consequences and bad effects like handling mass crowd in these cities. Most of the Peoples coming from rural areas don't have enough money to buy a house in the metro cities. Now the things can moved to two directions.
  • Immigrants labor class people sets their own unauthorized colony in the metro cities. These colonies lack most of the facilities a colony should have. Leave the concern of security , there is not even facilities of pure water in such areas. There are numerous unauthorized colonies in every metro which results in several other problems like :- Electricity theft- Unauthorized occupancy of the public land and many more.
  • If the person is in white collar job he / she will seek for a house on rent. Since in such cities the number of immigrants are more than the native inhabitants of that place , the rent goes higher and higher per year. I have been on rent in Noida and then in Gurgaon since last four years and I can feel the pain of job starters to give half of their salary just to have a roof on their head.

    The increasing rent works as impetus for the persons having good amount of money to buy more and more apartments in the cities. Many persons in these cities have flats in two digits. Again competition to have more flats sets reality business on new boom which makes a middle class person to own a flat mere a dream. Reality business on new boom is not a problem , the problem is its cause and effects. Booms is good if it is increasing the average and lower class masses purchasing capacity as well.

     According to good living index statistics , an average house cost should be around 3 to 4  times an average person annual income. Can it be a reality in context of Indian metro cities where an average salary you can consider is 3 or 4 lakhs per annum.

    Then starts the real fear , builders acquires the land by hook and crook which creates a scene most of the times. Farmers agitation in Greater Noida , Dadri  regarding invalid acquisition of their land is not a matter of late past. (Many more are there to count.) Then politics start on all this and everyone know what happens when politics enters in any thing.This leads to debates on news channels , media centers which put media persons on the front line giving them the ability to misuse their power of impacting society.
  • If the person migrates to other states there are chances that migrants are treated in very ill manner as happened in Mumbai , some time ago. This leads to have feeling  like not being at home in our own country which further turns into non confidence and insecurity. then dispute between the groups and then - again POLITICS.
Now lets turn to the another face of the coin. What is happening to our villages - our culture preservators that are becoming empty. 

In the search of good education , good job and good life, youth is rushing towards the cities leaving villages and rural areas empty. I can recall the days when I used to visit my village and I could see the villagers to enjoy life in their own definitions.They used to work hard in their farms and then play cards in the shadow of big trees near chaupal and live a happy if not luxurious life. 

But now , because of 'Mehangai Dayan' mid level farmers are forced to search for some other livelihood option which they can found in the metro cities only.
Pt Nehru said once that true India lives in Villages. Now most of the Villages are  empty and hence our we are not even able to preserve our culture as most of the cultures , customs and rituals are performed in the rural India. 

I have always saw my mother to perform some rituals and customs on almost every festival  but I don't know the detail about them. The culture which set us apart and distinguishes us in the crowd of more than 200 nations is diminishing slowly and slowly which needs to be taken care.

It seems like there are two nations in India irrespective of their inseparable relationship with each other. Actually the glue between the two is loosing its grip.
The difference between the two is growing and growing and Government is just being the blind spectator of this and hence pushing the same difference directly or indirectly. 

I am not against the industrialization but I am not even in the favour of even this kind of Industrialization which is causing discomfort at all. If Government can provide ample opportunities in non metro big  cities if not in rural areas , even  then the chaos can be reduced.  Why I am out of my home ? Simple because I will not have any appropriate job in my home town matching to my skills and education. Leave Hometown , not in my district even.

 The situation is getting worse with time and so we are. If the things are not controlled within time , there are chances that our own so called industrialization , we proud upon ,  explodes in near future and we will be seen standing no where before rest of the world fraternity.

The readers comments and views are highly welcomed. 


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