FlipKart on Thursday announced that it is reducing price of Motorola Moto G smartphone by Rs.2,000 for limited period. The device is now available for Rs.10,499 in 8GB version and Rs.11,999 in 16GB version. FlipKart is the only retailer in India authorised to sell Moto G phones.

Motorola had launched Moto G in India in February. The phone has proved popular due to its relatively low price despite packing in a good screen and a quad-core processor. Nowadays, Indian consumers can choose from a number of modestly-priced phones like Asus Zenfone 5 and Xiaomi Mi 3 but when Motorola started selling its budget phone in India earlier this year, Moto G was the only decent option.

A few weeks ago, FlipKart announced that it had sold one million Moto phones in India in the last 5 months. While the company did not give a break out of how many units of Moto G it sold, it is likely that Moto E, the cheapest Moto phone, and Moto G were responsible for bulk of the sale.

"We believe these sales figures should put Motorola among the top five mobile brands in the country," FlipKart co-founder Sachin Bansal had told TOI.

However, in the last few weeks Moto G has faced stiff competition and that could be the reason why FlipKart has slashed prices. Xiaomi, which sells for Rs.13,999 despite its top-of-the-line hardware, is a more popular phone at the moment even though it is almost impossible to buy it due to its low stock and high demand. Zenfone 5, which sells for Rs.9,999 too is a strong competitor and is grabbing attention.

Source : IndiaToday


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